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Posted 10 December 2011 - 12:30 AM

View PostLoretta62, on 09 December 2011 - 09:05 PM, said:

Thanks starsign, I'll check into that.  I was wondering if something like that was possible.

No prob! I'm here to help. Hope it works out for ya :)

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Posted 10 December 2011 - 03:45 PM

CandyO - Sorry you didn't make it.  I'd still like one of your stickers, if possible. :D

KenV - Thanks for the info on the woman who got hurt.  I was on the floor on Tomo's side of the stage and was close enough to know that it was bad but not close enough to know what really happened.  I heard everything from she was crowd surfing and got dropped on her head to she fell and was trampled.  One thing everyone agreed on though was that she laid there for 5 mins before Jared noticed her.  Great job security :angry:

It was really difficult to get back into a party mood after that, but the show really was great.  I don't think it ranks as the best night of my life, but it definitely makes the top 10. I was so excited to hear them play S/T, I didn't even notice that they were a little off.  The crowd around me was for the most part pretty good.  There were alot of guys and people seemed to know the older stuff.  Though I did hear one girl say during the acoustic set, while gazing lovingly up at the screen "Why is he so perfect?"  *snort*  I have video of the Guiness record presentation that I will upload as soon as I can figure out how (I'm not very internet savvy).  But now I have to go catch up on all the Vyrt backstage stuff. :D

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Posted 10 December 2011 - 04:14 PM

View PostMistressred, on 08 December 2011 - 08:49 AM, said:

KenV!!!! That's not a recap, can we get a recap? Are you in town for the Church Of Mars???? Did you have fun???

I will try to write something tomorrow before all four shows become a complete blur. What I can say is that these four nights were an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experiences for me. Fun is not quite the right word. I had the pleasure of sharing this experience with many new and old friends. There was drama, there was pleasure, but most of all a sense of belonging to something created by all of us, for us. There was even mild adversity, standing in the rain for hour after hour, but even that was easily tolerable by the company I was so fortunate to keep. The Church shows were beautiful and so very different from anything else and even from each other. To be able to enjoy the music without all of the jumping and pushing and distraction of being in the pit at the barrier was great. The arrangement with the string quartet of Alibi was one of the most moving things I have ever experienced, especially on the eighth when I heard it for the first time with the female vocalist (I really hope SOMEONE has a recording of that). I am so glad I had the opportunity on the ninth while on line to meet some of VSQ and thank them for that. I am still in the recovery phase from it all.

View PostJill, on 08 December 2011 - 03:20 PM, said:

im actually an EMT. and i was in the middle of the crowd (from stage to bar area) all the way on the right side. and when jared called for a medic, i started pushing people and yelling "im an emt, move". by my area, people moved, the closer i got to it, NO ONE MOVED out of my way. eventually some guy (kinda big too luckily) stood behind me pushing me thru and like, reached out ahead of me shoving people screaning at people to let me thru. even still, like 5 rows away from the incident, we hit a wall of people who just WOULD NOT MOVE. and we're yelling and peole are just staring at me like i got three heads. i mean yes, im 5'7" 120lbs and have no equipment (i didnt even have my badge in my 'concert purse' or else i would have been flashing that) but like, fuck man, if the person needs cpr i can easily do that until proper eqipment comes. or fuck it, use my hoodie to stop bleeding if needed you know, anything actually useful until equipment comes. but there was a bunch of assholes in the crowd.

im trailing off. so anyway, we hit the wall, and some douchbag looks at me and says "theres already someone there ok?" and not in a tone like "oh its ok, they have someone" all nice you know, he was snippy about it, i dont know if he thought me & the nice guy were trying to just cut to the center or some shit, but at that moment i didnt care about him & his snippy attitude, just wanted to make sure there was help there, so i glanced over and saw the venues emt guys so i thanked the big helpful guy and went back to my spot. thinking back now though, that douchebag was SUCH a dick. ugh. i hate people.

venues have emts working all their shows. (i know cause i was considered working in one for free concerts lol  ;) ) but if i was ALREADY in the crowd, in the middle on the right side, and couldnt get over, then they probably had a problem getting through also. and before 30 started i saw 2 emts hanging by the door near the merch booth in the lobby. maybe i just spot them easier now! but yea.

anyway just wanted to talk about that real quick. will comment more on the show later on when my mind isnt so boggled (the weather does that to me sometimes). but must say SELF TITLED FUCK YES!!!! medley true, but full band i was all squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! and yea still kinda am. ok. i gotta head out & do shit but will be back later. maybe. probably. i think i need to get a coffee while im out.  :(

Yeah - I have run into that before - resistance from the periphery because security THINKS they know what they are doing and their peeps are up to the task. So sad.
The good news is after speaking to the girl last night she is really just fine. And for all of you wondering - she was not intentionally crowd surfing head first... she was up on someone's shoulders and then without her asking, they started passing her forward. And then was just passed to the front and thrown over the barrier without anyone from security catching. Right onto her head.

I have to say after being at the barrier for many shows, I really question the safety of doing this at all. The surfers come sooo fast sometimes, even if someone at the barrier realized that no one could catch,many times, I don't think I could stop them from going over. And I've been kicked in the head many times and have had many sore necks from the impact. I am confident that sooner or later someone will die or become a quad doing this (I would not be surprised if someone already has and i/we are not aware).

Candy-O: Also sorry you didn't make it :(

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