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HURRICANE: Official Video Discussion Thread

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Posted 27 August 2011 - 07:29 AM

View PostCoco Converse, on 26 August 2011 - 09:41 PM, said:

I cannot recall if this particular topic has been brought up or discussed in this thread before *if so, my apologies*, but just a short while ago today I re-watched the explicit version of Hurricane, and one shot in which I examined more is the shot of the three children doing chalk drawings in the middle of the street, at the beginning of Chapter Three: Death. One of the drawings in which I am curious in regards to, is towards the bottom left in yellow chalk, and what appears to resemble a boat sailing upon water, with a fish underneath it? Does anybody happen to have any idea or thought on what this could symbolize? Additionally, one other chalk drawing that has myself left in wonder is towards the bottom on the right side in white chalk, and is underneath a drawing of a guitar... what is that? It sort of looks to be a crown, perhaps? Some sort of razor blade, or a puzzle piece?

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Maybe it's the Pequod.

Or, the Argo.

It's a fairly common symbol in iconography.

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Posted 29 August 2011 - 03:41 PM

I think fantastic the fact we can see how the video was made, what were the inicial ideas behind it, how this great HURRICANE video started to 'have life' :D

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Posted 05 March 2012 - 12:29 PM

This is all very interesting I know whenever Jared does something there is always meaning behind it and there are always connections with in connections with everything having to do with this band that you may not even be aware of yet this is just one reason we are all so captivated with his work. I am always looking for these connections. Thanks for the insight now going to use your list and reexamine Hurricane. The one thing I do know is that the room # 209 is also the product when you divide 6277 by the number 30. Got a lot more to look at now.

View PostRothalion, on 12 March 2011 - 06:55 PM, said:

Ok I finally had time to watch the video and here are some observations. Those who care have fun those who don't...enough said click by that's what the button's for....

1- Manhole hole cover, first reference to the number nine. Nine sections are visible and Nine according to Cirolt: Tenary triangle and represents the complete image of the three worlds. More to come on number nine. The video is in three parts Birth, Life and Death.

2-Wonderful juxtaposition of the bondage woman and the following shot of the Statue of Liberty! Also possible reference to the third glyph with the blue lights on the statue's base.

3-Room 209. 9+2=11, Cirolt again...11  transition, excess, peril, martyrdom. Depending on how you count coffins he falls into the eleventh one. 9x2=18 and again 9 shows up. didn't do anything with 7...dislike numbers. Well for seven in short and related to the bondage seven is the symbol of pain; again Cirolt.

4-Also liked the commonality between the shot looking toward the building Jared jumps from and the linier aspect of the shot looking across the coffins very similar in design ties the two together nicely. Again a lot of perspective play. Focal points and hints at a sort of singularity of psyche. The point where passiveness makes way for violence. Pain with pleasure...fear and courage.

5- Eight photos on the floor. Cirolt: eight symbol of regeneration, and of the spiraling universe. Also comes to play counting coffins.

6-Four Tomo's but only three Shannons? 7 aganin. Is there a multiple Jared I missed?

7- Is it an Albino mouse? Bart reference... Mice have devil connection...still looking. Possible its wheel spinning generates Jared's nightmare. Or does guilt?

8-Coffins..reading through there were many comments... the scene Caught me off guard so...I digress except for counting them. You number smart folks can take it from here. 20 coffins 19 closed equal 39 3x9 27 9.   Add the closed ones left to right vertically 5+4+5+5=19 hence 9 or 8 or 10, add the closed ones left to right horizontally: 4+4+3+4+4= 19. 19 x 19=361 9 again or 19. 19x2=38 11 again. 44344+5455=49799=38. Hence 11. Binary for 11 is 1011 with a 2 below. (no idea how to do that) is that like closed open closed closed? Depending on how you count; the open coffin is either 11 or 10 horizontally  or 13 and 8 vertically. 21x21=441 9 agagin again... or 8...

As for 9 it took Leto 9 days to birth Apollo and was it Artemis? and is it true Christ's cross had a nine nailed to it and that it took nine days for him to die? Nail in coffin.

9- The train is at 59th. 45 9 again. and is that a 56 where Tomo exits the subway. 11 again.  

10- The white rabbit head reminded me of the 'rabbit duck' picture the illusion...Gestalt.

11- What are all those thick black wires along the wall when Jared looks out into the hallway?

12- The kids...Maybe they are the three enemies of the band before the cooperate world, corrupted them? They are in uniform...the enemies in suits...

13- Rosewood...no clue. Regeneration into something you desire, ah...no clue how it fits. Anagram rosewood maybe. He looks as if he's studying the growth of the breasts admiringly, lovingly. Addition: Cirolt: Rose is symbol of perfection/ wood a mother symbol. Perfect mother? I'm reminded of Kafka's Metamorphisis for some reason. Although the phone and the bug scene transition to a shot of the bondage woman's feet and they are bug like. Not in heels like the others.

Did I like the video? Juries still out. It lacks a certain freedom...like its almost too over worked, too crammed with info in some parts and not enough in others. My sculpture Professor would call it a slam dunk. usually not good in that class but.... Almost like they tried 'too' hard.  Enough for now.

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