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#201 Leavchip


    The war within yourself is greater than the battle outside

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Posted 15 December 2009 - 06:56 PM

sorry - thread skipped to another thread and I posted in the wrong thread.... laugh.gif

#202 Shalia


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Posted 22 December 2009 - 01:26 PM

QUOTE (Lily_17 @ Dec 13 2009, 02:01 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Yes,ofcoursebecauseaforumistotallynotawaytocommunicatewithothersusingtypedword.  Howdareanyoneuseanysortofgrammarand/orpunctuation.

Y ouse e,I' m atota lanar chistandI dowha teverIwantbeca useIcan-T HISISA FORU MNOT ANES SAY.

WhY oN eARth wouLD iT matTer if thiNGs weRE wriTTEn in aNy soRt of corRect fasHIon?  

My god, I mean...whatwould the world come to?  Forget typos and common errors, I'd rather write like I think, and if other people can't figure out what I'm saying and want to gouge out their eyes reading my posts, then that's their own damn fault.  Did I mention that this isn't an essay?

I am sincerly flattered that you took the time to do this-was it as difficult to type as it was to read? I really believe the most precious gift we can give anyone is our time,so thank you! Merry Christmas! And God Bless You! smile.gif

#203 Shalia


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Posted 22 December 2009 - 02:02 PM

QUOTE (Alexandros @ Dec 13 2009, 04:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Oh, you really have issues. First of all, I in no way tried to intimidate you. Are you crazy? Well of course you are, how stupid of me to even wonder.
Just because I and several other fellow members told you to be careful with your caps lock, and not spam with several posts in a row, before actually any admin comes here to warn you, you think my efforts were inspired by a desire to intimidate you? Get off your high horse, and learn basic reading comprehension, and yes that was a real insult. You misinterpret every single reply people take the time to give you, and then you wonder why they laugh at your idiocy, or question your intelligence? Christ, and you want to focus on child psychology? My posts were not driven by anger you stupid cow (yes now I find it amusing to insult you full time), learn to read. I simply replied to your passionate and close minded posts by giving advice also on how to quote multiple posts. I find you amusing only because your idiocy brings laughs. You have no grasp of sarcasm, or jokes because you are too busy taking everything literal in this forum, or about this band. Loosen up a bit.

Yes like AxeGoddess told you above, well it's very tempting to be in your prayer list, NOT. I don't wish, or care to be in your prayers, I have my own faith and I'm full of it and content, thank you very much. I have no need from a stranger, or potential psycho, -who posts in their profile they have a crush on the frontman of this band, and then posts a crazy letter to him exposing themselves to ridicule by not grasping basic literary/poetic symbolism and metaphors-, to pray for me. Also, don't you throw me your propaganda of your church. You have no room to play the knowledgeable to me. Fine, you belong there and it's totally respected, If I care to know more I know where to search, thank you. Lets just make it clear, I do not need "directions" from someone who parades an amusing kind of stupidity in this forum.

What the fuck are you smoking? Who gives a shit if you find condemnation in your church, or not? Did I ever mention anywhere I feel condemned? Are you misinterpreting people's words on purpose? Jesus.

Inferiority complex? mellow.gif
I'm in such awe. You've got to see through my very inner complexes?Freud would have torn his studies in pieces if he knew that a greater mind than his exists in this world. Here is a suggestion: try to save some face. Because if you keep parading your idiocy in this forum, people will only laugh at you and not with you. You have little to no room to talk. So far, you chose to disregard every advice about a basic forum etiquette older members here gave you, by responding in a childish manner, without considering for a second that- hey these people tell me to stop posting in caps and that I can address each member individually by quoting them in one post, hmm maybe they know something i don't, since they are longer here?
Do you really ask for a sense of community? Your posts suggest differently.
But anyway, if you want to communicate for real, try to fit in by respecting some basic forum rules and regulations like all do and don't act like a selfish spoiled brat. Oh and cut the preaching shit. Really did Jesus said "let him who is without sin cast the first stone"???? Oh my... This is so enlightening. Thank you for sharing that unique piece of information no one knew until you stepped into the boards. rolleyes.gif

Also a piece of advice: FYI, this forum is anything BUT the appropriate place to admit/confess your crush on the frontman. LULZ. Go see a priest instead and confess your undying love.

I have a cute goat from Farmville too, you might want to sacrifice two.

Lily! Holy... I wonder the same yes, how long did it take you to write it like this? laugh.gif

I am flattered to be a source of amusement for you! And thank you for your time! I don't appreciate being called names,so i will just kindly ask you to skip ahead to the next post when you see my name. it's a shame really,I was enjoying chatting with you.I found you to be a very interesting person and was hoping we'd eventully get to a point where your comfortable sharing your take on the music with me. I thought of you as quite interesting.....that is,until you were just flat out mean,completely uncalled for. it only speaks volumes about the type of person YOU are,it has nothing to do with me.I know who I am,I accept myself,faults and all-and i don't require your approval what-so-ever.
So,have a Merry Christmas!

For the record-my "crush" was only posted on my very own profile,not forum. It was ment to give a laugh,as a joke. yes,i have admiration-but "un-dying love"~HARDLY! I'm happily married! If my own husband doesn't take offense,how could YOU?
lastly,I never pretended to be any more or less intelligent than anyone here.I also never said you ASKED if my church condemns,this was just offered information. I'm not selling anything,as I said~IF your curious,this is what i'm all about.....as opposed to that sect church you mentioned before.I wouldn't have mentioned which church i belong to if you hadn't first mentioned the one you did.
I wish you,and everyone else here all the best! may 2010 bring you great joy! smile.gif

#204 Shalia


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Posted 22 December 2009 - 02:15 PM

QUOTE (Elvira @ Dec 13 2009, 03:10 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I'll sacrifice a goat for you Shalia  sad.gif Or a small child, depending on what I find first.

These things happened all the time. The FAMILY was everything & valueable.
They lived very poorly like Iraq & some people were transient like
Jacob. Their offspring were there property to bargain & trade to remain prosperous & honorable
Families were the next generations of people to work their land
Anyway  when Jesus preached the word of God it was how we should live FROM THEN ON
"I am the light, I am the way." So the teachings of Christ are the moral codes that Christians follow.
i know that you know this,but these practices are no longer used. Jesus paid the debt of our sins for us.
Merry Christmas!

#205 Kelissima



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Posted 22 December 2009 - 02:30 PM

#206 Shalia


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Posted 30 December 2009 - 05:16 PM

QUOTE (AxeGoddess @ Dec 13 2009, 06:19 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I see Shalia is a psychic as well.

You KNEW I'd go after your profession?  Why?  And I didn't go after it--I merely understood now why you spoke to us like ignorant children.  Which, by the way, is one of my biggest pet peeves.  I'm actually quite versed in a lot of the psychological wording as I work within a public service where psychology is implemented quite often.  I've also studied much of human behavior.  You seem to have an innate fear of being wrong, if I may be so bold.  We're all ignorant in the world, but you hold all knowledge.  That is how you are coming across, even though you don't "mean" to.  I don't really believe that.  Sorry to say that.

I hate to say it but by your words, your tone and your blatant disregard for anything that we say, you don't see us as equals.  You see us as unGodly people.  My second biggest pet peeve: saying that God exists even though we don't believe in him.  Who are you to say that I don't?  Do you know me?  Not in the least.  You have no idea what my beliefs are, you do not know how I was raised or what path I follow.  And because your God may not be someone else's God, it is a very presumptous statement.  I am not really interested in your church, to be honest.  I have my own chruch, grown up with my own beliefs and values, yet there you are, as you have done since the initial post, pushing your beliefs on other people.  The invitation is not really an invitation.  Your goal is to save someone.  Maybe many someones.  It's a kind gesture, but I don't believe many of us are buying.  And this is not really a medium for postulating and prophetizing.  

While this is a free space to write and post, your arguments are really circular.  I know your focus is on the New Testament but the Old Testament is actually quite important, for it is the basis for the teachings of Jesus Christ.  I find it interesting that you would rather focus on the words of prophets (which if in a police interrogation room wouldn't hold up for all the variances in story), and apostles than on the core beliefs that GOD set forth.  I actually think Jesus was a pretty righteous dude.  I do believe, though, that he would be disappointed with what some of his followers have done with his teachings.  

If we are going to talk about music, then do so.  But lay off the scripture lessons.  None of us need to be directed to the Bible.  I think we can all find a copy and read it ourselves.

THIS...I LOL'd.  

Seriously, there is that bit in the Old Testament--what was it?  "You Shall Put NO Idols Before Me."  
That one was from the Big Guy himself.  But then I forgot--it's OLD Testament.

I apologize if I've offended you in any way. I really mean that....and no,I never claimed or will i claim to be psychic,or all knowing in any way. I also have no agenda,as you say i do. I only mentioned my church because Alexandros asked me if i belonged to Westboro. Which i had never heard of,and have since researched and gotten disgusted by. I am only talking about faith because that seems to be all anyone hear wants to discuss.I've asked you and many others to share your take on the music and haven't had any response to that. I even asked you about belly dancing and you just pointed out a link and left it at that.So how exactly is that different from me pointing out which church I go to when my faith is being discussed?
Please don't pretend to know how i see people,I truely pass no judgement. we all have something about us that we'd change,perfection doesn't exist. So thank you for allowing me to be human. And please trust me when I say that i have not intended in any way to talk to anyone here like ignorant children.
Let me make one thing very clear~Jared is no IDOL to me! I do not worship him,or put anyone for that matter on the same level as God. I also do not cast aside the old testament,I've only mentioned that one single practice as obsolete.
I have no fear of being wrong,I flat-out asked Jared what he ment by 100 Suns and if i was reading it all wrong! If i was afraid,I wouldn't put myself out there! So many people here are afraid to share their opinions,but I am certainly not one of them or you wouldn't be talking to me here.
Please tell me what is it that you think I'm disregarding that others are saying? And about my tone? All we're doing here is reading,you can't hear me speak.Everyone can read the same sentence and take it all different ways,so it seems that your reading me all wrong here.
i'm glad to hear you think Jesus is a righteous dude! we have that in common....so please don't take things I've said to other people to mean I'm talking to you or about you and everyone else.I've addressed everyone here individually. I've never accused you of having a lack of faith,you know that.
You work within a public service? I'm curious to know more about that......but i have to wonder....does the very sight of my name put up walls for you? have you already made up your mind about me? or is there hope for us yet?

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